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IP Address Help

When you assigned the switch IP address, the switch became part of an IP subnet that is different from the subnet that your PC belongs to. To communicate with your switch, you need to assign the PC an IP address that is in the same subnet as the switch. The PC could also access that subnet through a Layer 3 device, such as a router.

Here is the status of the switch and your PC:

Use one of these procedures to change the IP address of your PC, depending on your particular IP addressing scheme:

  • Connect your PC to the network where a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server allocates IP addresses within the range that is assigned to your switch.
  • or

  • Enter a static IP address through your PC Control Panel:
    1. On your PC, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network and Dialup Connections > Local Area Connection.
    2. Check the box next to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click Properties.
    3. Click Use the following IP Address, and in the IP address field, enter an IP address that is in the same subnet as your switch.
    4. Click OK to save your settings.
    5. Click OK again to close the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box.

If your PC is directly connected to the switch, both the switch and your PC should now be in the same IP subnet, as shown in this example:

If the switch and the PC are in different subnets, they can communicate through a router or Layer 3 device, as shown in this example:

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