To display the Telnet window, choose Maintenance > Telnet.

Click the Launch a Telnet Console link on the Telnet window to open a Telnet session. When prompted for a Telnet userid and password, use the Telnet userid and password assigned to the switch.

In a Telnet session, you can log on to the switch from a remote network station and access the switch command-line interface (CLI). The CLI provides a comprehensive set of features for configuring and monitoring the switch.

Note that the switch must have Telnet access enabled to access the switch CLI through a Telnet session. Use the Express Setup window to enable Telnet access and to change the Telnet userid and password settings.

For more information about the CLI, see the switch software configuration guide and the switch command reference. The Support window provides a link to the switch documentation.

Note: SSL is not supported on Telnet connections with the switch. As a result, when you open a Telnet session from the device manager, the transmission to and from the switch is not secure even though the device manager might be running in secured mode. Be careful with the information that you send through your Telnet sessions. For more information, see Using Secured Sessions.

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