System-Level LEDs

LED Description
EN The Enable LED shows that the module has passed its self-test and is available to the router.


Off (dark)

Switch is not yet operational.
Solid green Switch is operational.

Solid amber

An error has occurred.

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Port-Level LED States

LED Mode Description

In this mode, the port LEDs show port status, port duplex mode, port speed, and PoE status.

By default, the port LEDs show port status. To display the port duplex mode and the port speed from the port LEDs, you must use the View list from the device manager.


Off (dark) No link.
Solid green Link is up, but there is no activity on the link.

Blinking green

Link has activity.

Solid brown

Port is administratively disabled.

Yellow Port is error disabled.
Blinking green and amber Link is faulty.

Blinking amber

Port has a Smartports configuration mismatch.
Solid amber Port is faulty, is disabled due to an error condition, or is in an STP-blocked state.

In this mode, the port LEDs show the duplex mode (full duplex or half duplex) of the ports.

Note: The 10/100/1000 ports operate only in full-duplex mode.

Off (dark) No link.
Solid light blue Port is in half-duplex mode.
Solid green Port is in full-duplex mode.


In this mode, the port LEDs show the operating speed (10, 100, or 1000 Mb/s) of the ports.





Off (dark)

No link.

Solid light blue

10 Mb/s.

Solid green

100 Mb/s.

Blinking green

1000 Mb/s.

PoE In this mode, the port LEDs show the status of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. This LED is available on switches that have PoE ports.

Off (dark)

No power is allocated.

Solid green

Power is allocated.

Blinking green and amber Power is denied (to prevent exceeding power capacity).

Blinking amber

Port is disabled due to a fault condition.

Solid amber Port is administratively disabled.

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Port Types

RJ-45 port

Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module slot (empty)

Fiber-optic SFP module ports

1000BASE-T SFP module port

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Color Wave Length Representation in CWDM Module Ports

Note: The circles in the icon for a coarse wave length-division multiplexer (CWDM) module port can be any of eight colors, each denoting a different wave length in nanometers (nm). This table shows the wave length that is denoted by each color. To see the wave length of a CWDM module port, point to its icon.


Wave Length


1470 nm


1490 nm


1510 nm

Green 1530 nm
Yellow 1550 nm
Orange 1570 nm
Red 1590 nm
Brown 1610 nm

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